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Hand cuff training

Kentucky doesn't directly required security officers to be licensed so not being able to find any place local that offers hand cuff training is almost certainly the reason you haven't located a training course yet.

Almost all of the courses in my State have a handcuff operation and application certification course. Most companies require you to take the course simply because of the reason that if you are going to carry it, you should know how to use it.

Hate Long-Winded Incident Reports

You’ve finally come to the end of your eight, ten or twelve hour day, and all that stands between you and the sweet freedom of time off is a silly end-of-day incident report.

You log into the company system, try to fill in all the boxes, and just as you’re about to hit SEND, the entire system shuts down and you have to do it all over again.

On a good day you only have to enter your report twice, and that’s only if you’re really lucky.

Life Insurance

Putting Together A Proper Incident Report

Writing A Detailed Incident Report

Handling The Job Pressures

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