Why are some places in Connecticut charging more for fingerprinting?

I looked in to this, called a few friends and yep, it looks like there are some unscrupulous independent companies out there that are charging a premium to get your fingerprints taken.

While it is not an outright scam, some places I called are charging up to $50, and maybe more, for what costs $15 at your local police station or directly from the State.

As the Connecticut DESPP (Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection) will reject any fingerprint cards with even the slightest smudge on them, delaying your application, and possibly swallowing up valuable non-refundable application fees, you don't want to mess around with something that is so fundamental to the application process.

I personally recommend that you get your fingerprints taken at your local government office, the same place where you turn in your application form, and then if the government employee screws it up, they'll issue a do over without charging you a nickel.

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