Unarmed Security Guard Requirements For Connecticut

Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In Connecticut

Here on SecurityGuardTraining.io we want to provide you with all of the information you need to successfully become an Unarmed security guard in the state of Connecticut!

You probably already know that the State of Connecticut is not large. Frankly, in square miles, this state ranks 48 out of 50 in our nation. However, in terms of economics and commerce, Connecticut is right up there with the Big Boys.

Connecticut is the insurance capital of the United States, manufactures everything from submarines to sewing machines and is a leading producer of dairy products, mushrooms and oyster. This state also gets its fair share of tourists.

Connecticut is the whole package and it’s definitely a great place to checkout if you’re interested in working as an unarmed security guard!

Connecticut is a very interesting place to live. First off, the English settled here in 1636, so this state is full of cool old buildings and fun festivals - it also has that whole East Coast, "we were here first" vibe that you just don't get on the West coast.

Second, it has a great location. The entire 250 mile southern border sits on beautiful Long Island Sound. Historic – and fun! – Massachusetts is directly to the north. New York City and the State of New York is to the west, while Rhode Island is directly east. Just past tiny Rhode Island is Cape Code and Martha’s Vineyard.

Living in Connecticut, you’re just a short drive from most of New England, New York, New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.

Minimum Requirements

In Connecticut, to get a job as an unarmed security guard you will need training and a license. Don’t worry; this is not a big deal. Plus, it’s actually a good thing. Once you get past that hurdle your license is good for five years and YOU are in the driver’s seat!

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

Helpful Additions

Training Curriculum

I'm not going to give a full rundown of what is covered in the class because it is a bit boring but it will include at a bare minimum, the individual items listed below.

As I said, some courses will offer more specific training, especially if the course is run by one of the larger employers, e.g. Walmart, or a hospital, as they will have requirements regarding loss prevention or dealing with emergency situations.

Training Requirements

The training curriculum for the Connecticut State approved courses is pretty rigid and set by the governing body.

Each course offered by any of the schools is 8 hours long, though some schools may offer more in-depth training for specific scenarios.

The Connecticut State government website maintains a complete list of all approved Public Security Instructors that you can use to verify that the class you are attending is being given by a qualified and State recognized instructor.

Application Process

Once you have completed your approved training course and your instructor has signed off on your attendance and completion you will be given a certificate that can be used to register yourself as a Connecticut Security Guard and obtain your guard card.

The application process is simple, but it is government, so you need to pay attention to each step carefully.

Here's an exhaustive list of the items you will need.

You have one year, from date of completion of your training, to send in your application and register as a Connecticut Security Guard.

After the one year has expired Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (CT DESPP) will make you take the course all over again.

Fees Schedule

There are a couple of fees associated with applying for your Connecticut Guard Card. Because you must take a State certified training course, the cost of which varies but is generally below $100.

Application Fee

Due when application is submitted



You can pay by check or money order made payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut or you can pay by cash, but you must pay the exact amount.

FBI Background Inquiry

Due when application is submitted

You can pay by check or money order made payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut or you can pay by cash, but you must pay the exact amount.

State of Connecticut Background Inquiry

Due when application is submitted

You can pay by check or money order made payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut or you can pay by cash, but you must pay the exact amount.

License Renewal Fee

Due when application is submitted

This is a license renewal fee, it is due every five years.

If paying by check the fees for Application, FBI Background Inquiry and State of Connecticut Background Inquiry must be submitted as three separate checks or money orders.

Sounds weird we know, but that's government for you. If you pay by cash, you have to pay the exact change.

Another bonus of working in Connecticut is the variety of employers. In near Hartford alone you’ll definitely have your pick.

Besides the usual security opportunities in a large city, in the Hartford area you’ll find the headquarters of all the insurance giants including Aetna, Inc. and St. Paul’s Travelers and Cigna and Met Life located in nearby Bloomfield. Financial giants Bank of America and Hartford Financial Services also have their headquarters in this city, while Webster Financial Corp. is located in nearby Waterbury.

United Technologies Corp is headquartered in Hartford, while Sports broadcasting legend ESPN is located in nearby Bristol.

Of course, there are always opportunities for security work in the healthcare field; some of the biggest employers in the region are Masonicare in Wallingford, and Hartford Hospital and St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford.

Other big employers around the state include Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Pfizer Global Research in New London and General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, makers of submarines – all located in the Southeastern corner of Connecticut.

In the Southeast and South Central portions of the state you can find AT&T Connecticut (New Haven), United States Surgical (Norwalk), People’s Bank (Bridgeport), Boehringer Ingelheim Corp (Ridgefield) and General Electric Co. (Fairfield). Other big employers found throughout the state include Stop and Shop grocery stores, WalMart, Stew Leonard’s dairy store, Target, Home Depot, Whole Foods, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Trader Joe’s, Costco and Lowe’s. Whew! The opportunities are kind of dazzling at times.

If you’re looking for an interesting, new opportunity, you should consider a position as an unarmed security guard in the State of Connecticut.


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