Unarmed Security Guard Requirements For Maryland

Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In Maryland

Here on SecurityGuardTraining.io we want to provide you with all of the information you need to successfully become an Unarmed security guard in the state of Maryland!

Maryland is a great place to live and you'll have no problem finding a place that has beautiful scenery, good weather, and friendly people to keep you company. Whether you settle into Crabtown (Annapolis), shack up in the Queen City of the Alleghenies (Cumberland), or put roots down in Hub City (Hagerstown), you're certain to find a place you feel perfectly comfortable.

It's a small state that makes a big impact. Johns Hopkins, Northrup Grumman, IBM, and many other smaller corporations all have headquarters and offices here. For a state with only 6 million residents, the state's influence is far greater than its size denotes. Indeed, its proximity to Washington, DC, to the south, and Pennsylvania to the North means the state is surrounded by some of the world's most influential entities.

This is good and bad news for security professionals. On one hand, it means that there is a high demand for trained professional security guards who can keep secrets from falling into the wrong hands. On the other, it means that there are plenty of nefarious people who will eagerly attempt to get past you to get their dirty paws on things they shouldn't be touching. Are you up for that kind of challenge?

If you think you have the right stuff and are capable of protecting even the most secret of secrets, take a look at Lockheed Martin. Their Bethesda HQ is leading the way in everything from space exploration to sophisticated avionics. There is no guarantee you will meet ET or get a trip on the shuttle while working there, but you can bet it will be the most exciting job you have ever had. These jobs are highly competitive and you will need to be able to pass high level security clearances to land them.

Should you be looking for something a bit more relaxed, take a look at the Johns Hopkins network. Their world renowned healthcare facilities are the place to go if you enjoy helping people and protecting them when they are at their most vulnerable. At the end of the day, there are few things more satisfying than knowing you are watching out for people who need your help in their time of greatest need.

Some of the state's other popular employers worth looking at include Discovery Communications, Erickson, and the International Rescue Committee. If you like being surrounded by bright minds with big ideas, these are the perfect places to land a position. These entities are leading the way into the world of tomorrow and there is plenty of room for you to get on board safeguarding the work they are doing. Coupled with great benefits and regular schedules, you will find working at these places to be a genuinely rewarding experience.

Licensing in Maryland takes place through the Maryland State Police. Certifications are valid for 3 years from the date of issue, and renewing your license is as simple as filling the application out, mailing it in, and paying the fees. This makes getting licensed and staying licensed something that's not terribly difficult to accomplish. As long as you know how to operate a pen and a stamp, you'll have no trouble filling the forms out and getting them reviewed.

Now, it would be remiss to ignore recent headlines when discussing cities such as Baltimore. Tensions within the city have been high since long before recent news events splashed across the internet. A depressed economy coupled with a number of social and economic considerations can make Baltimore a difficult place to be a security guard. For security professionals, this means that that is plenty of work to go round.

Businesses, residential communities, hospitals, etc. are eager employers who are relying on private security firms and professional personnel to keep their properties safe and secure. These jobs are not easy, but they are plentiful. If you are strong willed, determined, quick on your feet, and up for a challenge, Baltimore is a city where you can prove your worth time and time again.

In terms of climate, Maryland runs the gamut. Temperatures can drop below freezing from December through March, and they can reach into the high 80's from June to September. Coupled with the humidity of the eastern seaboard, and you will want to wear comfortable clothes for the season because the humidity + heat/cold can be anything but comfortable.

Better still, if you can get a job working indoors throughout your shift, you will be the happiest security guard in the state. Oh, and you will want to take some bug spray because the humid climate and thick forests of the state make it a favorite place for bloodsuckers to flitter about. And, when these lawyers and politicians slither back into the swamp, the bug spray will help you ward off the mosquitoes which are equally as bloodthirsty.

Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

Fees Schedule

One thing about Maryland to be aware of is that the state's proximity to power and it's beautiful scenery make it a very popular place to live. Popular = more expensive, especially in regards to beautiful cities like Bethesda. Housing, transportation, and grocery bills tend to be a little higher than in cities within Nebraska, Ohio, and West Virginia where even the cows are trying to move away. The secret to living comfortably in Maryland is to become a smart shopper and know how to manage your budget. If you can do that, then living in Maryland can be a great bargain. Indeed, there are plenty of "fixer uppers" you can buy and remodel, and there are a number of discount stores including Costco, Walmart and others where you can stretch your spending dollar. Finally, all work and no play is a good way to grow old fast. If you are not ready to start collecting moss, then be the rolling stone you have always wanted to be. For starters, you can head over to the Chesapeake Bay to enjoy some of the state's famous blue crabs. Succulent and savory, there is nothing on earth quite like a Maryland crab cake. While you are near the ocean, be sure to take in the view at Sandy Point State Park. With wide open beaches and nothing but surf for as far as the eye can see, you will find plenty of peace and relaxation here. That's not even mentioning the many Civil War battlefields, museums in DC, and fabulous sites of Pennsylvania and Virginia that are all within just a few hours drive of any point in Maryland. With a reliable network of highways and roads traversing the state, getting about is as simple as getting on the road. Even if you use all of your vacation time up early, you will find that you can see most of what there is to see by taking quick day trips into the countryside.


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