Unarmed Security Guard Requirements For Massachusetts

Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In Massachusetts

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"One if by land, two if by sea." Coined by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, it's one of the most recognizable phrases in the American lexicon. It has its roots right here in Massachusetts where the story goes that Paul Revere and his band of merry men were the original security guards protecting our shores from foreign invaders. Fortunately for all of us, those days are long past and you no longer have to worry about swarms of Red Coats coming ashore. In modern times, you won't have to rely on lanterns and a trusty steed to warn of danger; these days, security guards in Massachusetts use walkie talkies, cell phones, flashlights, and vehicles with more horsepower than Revere could have ever imagined.

Massachusetts is a state steeped in history. As such, there are plenty of jobs protecting museums, historic sites, and neighborhoods where some of America's most famous personages once strolled. In Boston alone there's the Old North Church, Bunker Hill, the Navy Pier, the USS Constitution, and plenty more. If you love being surrounded by the sights and sounds of American history, Boston is the place you'll absolutely love. In fact, don't be surprised if you spend a good part of your day helping wayward tourists find their way to the next destination on their journey.

If you fancy yourself being an intellectual, then you'll want to submit an application to MIT or that other school in Cambridge with crimson colors and a name whose tuition bill strikes fear into the hearts of parents around the world. MIT and Harvard might be hoity toity schools, but they are still colleges. This means there is an increasing need for professional security guards at both schools, and who knows, you just might learn a thing or two while you're overhearing grad students discuss stock picks and who's going to be the next president.

The truth is that while Massachusetts is known for schools, history, and some bar named Cheers, the state's crime rate is rising. It's currently ranked 20 out of 50 by the FBI. Property crimes are becoming a serious concern in the large cities. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of people are turning to private security to ensure their homes and businesses are fully protected. Fortunately, violent crime isn't a major concern and those rates continue to nosedive.

There is plenty more to the state, as well. Raytheon's facilities in Tewksbury continue expanding. With plenty of secrets and sophisticated technology to protect, jobs at Raytheon require a sharp eye for detail and the ability to think on your feet throughout your shift. Just as the Minutemen protected the state back in the 1700's, Raytheon is doing the same thing today. If you have an interest in working within the defense industry, this is the pinnacle you want to reach for.

Furthermore, there are three very large health systems within the state. Together, Steward Health Care System, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and UMass Memorial Health treat hundreds of thousands of patients a year. Their facilities are massive and there is an increasing need for highly trained security personnel to keep everyone safe. From breaking up fights over paternity test results, to making sure valuables stay safe within parking garages, there's never a dull moment when you work within the hospital system.

Licensing security guards in the state is the purview of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Massachusetts is big on titles, and you can expect to see lots of official entities that require a few sentences to spit out. But, don't let that bother you. The paperwork you'll need to fill out is pretty standard, and the application isn't much different than other states. Their goal is simply to make sure that you are fit and able for duty and can meet all the standards set by state regulations.

Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

Fees Schedule

Living in Massachusetts requires careful attention to your finances. While groceries, utilities, transportation, and general living expenses are very much in line with other states, housing is going to eat up a big chunk of your paycheck. Rents and property prices continue to climb as the economy recovers and there is no limit to how high they may go. Thus, remember to factor this in while you are considering job offers. The wise man will be sure to locate an affordable place to live before making a deal. Weather wise, you'd be wise to bundle up throughout the winter in Massachusetts. It's cold. Winter temperatures drop down into the high-teens at night and it likes to snow from November to March. Typically, it snows about 4-5 inches per month, but if you saw the North American Blizzard in January 2015, you know that from time to time Mother Nature likes to throw the curve and drop a few feet on the state. Summer temperatures tend to be much milder. A nice, comfortable 50 to 70 most days, with the occasional climb into the low 80's. While you won't have to deal with snow, it does like to rain in the spring and fall. As long as you have an umbrella, a few sprinkles is nothing to worry about. When you get a day off, you won't want to stay at home. There's just too much to see and do for you to ever get bored. Massachusetts is a coastal state and it is no surprise that the state's denizens love to spend their days at the beach or sailing off shore. In addition to being a great place to take a break, residents love of the water means there are plenty of marinas and a few harbors that are packed with yachts, fishing vessels, and personal watercraft of all shapes and sizes. Someone has to protect them. Are you up for the job? Naturally, if you prefer to keep your feet on dry land, you can spend your time exploring history and taking field trips with your family to the state's three national parks. Minute Man, Lowell, and Adams National Parks tell the story of America. In addition to the history, the scenery provides an absolutely stunning place to enjoy a picnic or simply take a stroll in the park. Working as a security guard in Massachusetts is a great experience. It's a wonderful place to hone your skills and build a career. With a friendly population and reliable employers, it's the kind of place where you want to put roots down and plant your family's future firmly in the soil. That's why so many people who live there can trace their roots all the way back to the Revolution when America's original security guard shone his lantern into the air to alert his neighbors that something wasn't right in the neighborhood.


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