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Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In Montana

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The Sky is the Limit for Security Guards in Montana

The big sky of the treasure state has plenty of gems to discover. From the fabulous wealth that can still be pulled from the land to the amazing views that are free for all to enjoy, there are lots of reasons why now is the right time to become a security guard in one of America's most spectacular states. If you are looking for a laid back lifestyle in communities where people know their neighbors by name, then look no further than the opportunities you will find throughout Montana.

The cost of living in Montana is slightly higher than the average across the US. This is due in part to the state's diverse geography and the challenges that are inherent to supplying cities and communities throughout Montana. Groceries, healthcare, and housing are higher in Montana than they are in other states. However, utilities, transportation, and daily living expenses tend to be right on par with neighboring states. Fortunately, a little extra budgeting and some careful monthly planning can go a long way towards trimming expenses and keeping these costs from rising out of control.

The state's largest cities include Billings, Helena, Great Falls, Big Sky, Missoula, and Bozeman. Within these communities you will find some rather sizeable employers including Billings Clinic Hospitals, Montana State University, Big Sky Resort, etc. The state's largest economic sectors are healthcare, education, tourism, and agriculture. Each of these sectors have strong foundations in the state and it is possible to find long-term career opportunities with employers eager to find qualified personnel who have the skills and experience required to keep people and property safe and secure. 

Montana requires security guards to be 18 years old and able to pass an FBI and Montana Department of Justice background check. Prospective employees will need to prove they are US citizens, have obtained formal security guard training, and work for licensed security companies within the state. once an individual does that, they are ready to work as an unarmed security guard in Montana. While it may seem like a lot of formalities to go through, the reality is that Montana is a very friendly pretty laid-back state. It's still very much a region where people know their neighbors, watch out for their communities, and rely upon one another for both safety and security. Indeed, as a security guard in the state, you will find backup and support in ready supply from people eager to see their communities remain strong and safe. Just don't ask anyone to tell you their favorite fishing spot or hunting path because things like that are closely guarded secrets that people just don't divulge.     

The average security guard salary in Montana is somewhere around $18,000. It can be a little lower depending on the community, employer, and the skills and experience an individual brings with them to the job. Overall, it's not a bad state to live in, however, many people are surprised to learn that the violent crime rate is on par with the nation. It's not any lower, or any higher than other communities of similar size throughout the country. Indeed, while the state's population is lower than other states, the rate of crimes including aggravated assault, robbery, and burglary has remained fairly steady over the past decade. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for eager security guards to put their skills and training to the test. In fact, working as a security guard in Montana entails more than just drinking coffee and walking a beat throughout the week. It takes skill, dedication, and determination to keep people and property safe from the ill intent of neer-do-wells seeking to cause a little mischief.

Speaking of mischief, security guards in Montana are sure to come up against Mother Nature's most curiously mischievous animals. Raccoons, bears, moose, wolves, coyotes, and other curious creatures can be found throughout the state. This means that security guards can expect to come across various wildlife throughout the course of the year. In fact, keeping curious creatures out of facilities and safely away from people and property can be a daily challenge that is also a lot of fun. If you love animals and wildlife, then working as a security guard in Montana will give you all the opportunities to get up close and personal with some truly stunning animals.

The weather throughout the state can be rather unpredictable. It can be cold, hot, windy, or wet...without much of a warning either way. Indeed, one of the greatest frustrations security guards in Montana have is that they never really know what the weather for the day is going to be. It can shift suddenly, and it can shift several times in the same day. In the inter, temperatures can be as high as 50F in the day, all the way down to -50 at night. And, while the skies are typically sunny and bright, they can cloud up quickly and dump piles of snow onto the highway. The bottom line on the weather is that each and every day you go to work is a day you need to be prepared for whatever weather Mother Nature might throw your way.

Naturally, you are going to want to take some time off work to enjoy living in "God's country." In Montana, Mother Nature reigns supreme and her handiwork is on display for you to marvel at and cherish. From the spectacular vistas of Glacier National park, to the calm, clear waters of Flathead Lake, you will never be bored with the scenic opportunities. You can hang out in West Yellowstone one day, and drop a line in  Great Falls the next. Montana is an outdoor state and you will want to spend as much time as you can surrounded by everything from moose and bears to eagles and trout. You can pan for gold, pitch a tent, cast a line, or simply take a hike through mile upon mile of unspoiled natural wilderness. 

Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

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