Armed Security Guard Laws By State

Armed Security Guard Laws for Every U.S. State

The following table of links on Security Guard Training gives you a State-by-State listing of the Laws and Legislation governing armed security guards all across the U.S.

Dan (that’s me) and Guy do our level best to stay on top of current requirements for each State.

Use the following pages of information as a reliable guide but always check with your local government agency or the licensing State Board before sending off your application form.

For people training to be armed security guards it is vitally important to always pay attention to the details and individual requirements because as we all know, government agencies are known for being sticklers on the details and they don't mess around.

Looking for Unarmed Security Guard Laws?

Looking for unarmed security guard State-by-State laws instead? You can find information on unarmed security guards on this other page.

Changing Requirements

We want to be really accurate, but neither one of us can guarantee the complete accuracy of this information at any given point in time.

The rules in each State, and individual regulations even in each city are subject to change.

Found A Mistake?

If you see information here that needs to be revised or something that needs clarification, drop a quick message to Dan or Guy and we’ll get right on it.

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