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Research Security Guard Companies

Although jobs are available on a smaller scale, there are security guard companies that work with major corporations, hospitals, schools, and more throughout the country.

Dan (that's me) and Guy have created the security guard company directory to give you a list of the smallest to largest security guard companies, and links and information to them. You can find out who they work with and what kind of positions they fill.

Many of these companies work in multiple states and help to employ thousands of security guards.

Directory of Security Guard Companies

Find A Security Guard Training School

The security guard job of your dreams is out there waiting for you!

But you need adequate training. Attending a security guard training school is going to be your first priority.

We've got an extensive national directory of schools to look at that are all ready to help you get the training you need.

Check out our listings today to find the schools nearest to where you live.

Security Guard School Directory

Get A Security Guard Job

After your required security guard training is complete, finding a job is your next task. Our security guard jobs page is your ultimate resource for positions available throughout the US and in your local area.

Search through a wide variety of employment, and decide what kind of job you’re looking for.

Are you interested in a large corporate job with financial security?

Or a small family company that feels comfortable?

Working during regular business hours?

Or a more unusual schedule?

Maybe just a job that pays the bills?

Check back often for the latest listings, companies hiring, and hopefully to find the ideal job that fits your needs.

Security Guard Jobs

Security Guard Organizations and Associations

Why is it important to know about the different security guard organizations and associations?

The answer is because they will be your voice in the security industry and will be advocates for continued training. They connect you to legislators, credit unions, health and well-being coordinators, safety training and other security industry employees.

Our security guard, security officer and security industry association list can introduce you to some of the organizations and associations that are accessible to you.

Becoming a member of an organization or association will allow you to find out about the latest news and conferences for security industry employees, continued professional training opportunities, newest technology and gadgets available for your job, and will be a source of support throughout your career.

These organization are your advocacy groups that represent your interests both professionally and legally.

Security Guard Organizations & Associations

Security Training Laws and Legislation

Everyone knows that laws and legislation can be a complex topic that’s often unreadable.

The legal knowledge is necessary to have so we went to the trouble of making it at least readable by capturing a lot of that information and distilling it in to easily digestible knowledge.

You're a security guard or want to be one? It's important to know what is required in your State to get that license.

We're like security guard uber-nerds.

We did your homework for you, all you have to do is hand it in. We've broken down all the information into easy-to-digest sections.

Find out the requirements for working as an armed or unarmed security guard for where you live, how to renew your license, what to expect when you go for your training, and even how much it costs.

In the State-by-State laws we dig out: * the minimum requirements to become a security guard * how to get a job * a list of jobs that are currently available * career development advice * show off some of the best schools in your area * and an overview of which companies to work for.

We've got links galore to more reading on the topic if you like browsing dry and boring government websites that are the internet equivalent of waiting in line at the DMV. Watching paint dry has never been so exciting!

Armed LawsUnarmed Laws

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