Can I start work as soon as I have completed a Private Investigator course in Georgia?

I had to give Dan's buddy in Georgia, Mike Blinsk, a call to answer this one.

When it comes to knowing all about working as a security guard, in any capacity, in the State of Georgia, he's the expert.

He teaches a couple of classes so really knows his stuff.

If you have gone to the trouble of taking a Private Investigator course as part of your continued career growth or just to get an early jump start in the job market then the answer is absolutely "yes."


only if you are going to be working for a State of Georgia officially licensed Private Detective Company or as an in-house Private Detective at a specific location, e.g. an Insurance Company or Attorney's Office.

The company where you are working as an in-house Private Detective will fill out the paperwork and be responsible for your actions.

If you are going independent as a Private Investor, then further certification will be required.

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