Submit Your Article

Submit Your Article

Article Guidelines

Content should be of concern to people working in the capacity of security guards in the security industry.

Submitted articles should be practical, inspirational and have a positive attitude. Articles should also fit within the content structure of the website.

My website is aimed at everyday people so it is important to write clearly and succinctly. Your article should contain practical information that has actionable advice that my core audience can follow.

Length of Article

My focus is on quality content so the longer an article is the better. I don't want to state outright how long an article should be. Any submitted articles less than 500 words will most likely be rejected.

You should submit your full, entire article. I am not interested in receiving just a synopsis and then asking if I would be interested or will I give feedback.

In your article, say what needs to be said, don't try and squeeze it in to a fixed number of words.

Original Content

Your article should be original and authentic. I am not looking for a spun article from another source, nor am I looking to reprint an article that has appeared elsewhere on another website or in a newsletter.

Reprints of your article might be acceptable if the article first appeared in a physical magazine but please identify, along with your submission, where the article was previously published.

Book excerpts are welcome. Make sure you have retained the copyright on any submissions that have been printed elsewhere and you need to give me explicit permission to reprint the article of excerpt on submission.


When you submit your article, be sure to include your personal bio, contact information -- however much you feel you want to disclose -- and a link to your website. This bio and link is your payment for your article.

In the attribution you can also include any promotional information for your books, articles, workshops or classes. Please do not attempt to make your promotional segment read like an article or a sales page.

Once the article is online, you can link to it from your own website. Articles on stay online "forever" and the permission your gave me to host your article should reflect that.

If the article is poorly written or has egregious grammar mistakes, I reserve the right to reject it, ask for a revision, or personally edit the article to make it more readable. The more genuine and useful an article is, the more forgiving I will be of poor grammar and more willing to edit it for you.

I will notify you by email if your submission is accepted and when it will be available online. Articles are submitted automatically to major search engines and online directories once they appear on this website.

Editorial Guidelines

References should be given wherever possible for quotations, factual information referred to in the body of the article, statistics, graphs, etc. References should include author/s, title of book, or if a journal, the journal title, date of publication, volume or issue number, publisher and page number.

Articles should be written in English. I do not accept foreign language articles at this time.

Submit An Article

Please not that I cannot guarantee to accept any article for publication until I have a chance to see the finished article. All accepted articles are subjected to an editorial process.

Send your article, along with the permission to publish it, and your bio, link to your website, contact information, and any promotional blurb to

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