Teaching you how to succeed as a security guard.

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Dan (that's me) and Guy, two professional security guards with long careers thought it was high time there was a website for people already working in the security industry or thinking about starting a career in it.

We wanted to make a website that helps security industry personnel across the U.S. and the world easily figure out:

  • How to get licensed.
  • What security guard job requirements entail.
  • How to get a job in the security industry whether as a mall cop, a transportation security agent, a correctional officer or a close protection specialist.
  • How to have a long career as a security guard.
  • And above all, how to stay safe while on the job.

Dan (still me) is a security manager living and working in the mid-West and has been Director of Security for a couple of large firms over his career. You can read his full bio if you like, though it isn't very exciting. Dan has lived and worked in five States and has a lot of experience, over 30 years so far, working security jobs.

Guy is still young, he has almost 10 years of experience, or over 10 years of experience, depending on how you count, working as a professional security guard. He currently works security for large, outdoor events and thinks the idea of working in an office block and rattling door handles on the night shift is a terrible idea. You can read more about Guy on his bio page.

Between Dan and Guy they have been around the block several times, living and breathing their jobs.

What you will find on this website is information on how to be an effective security guard, get a job, build a career, deal with the public, potential employment opportunities, job listings, a company directory, and an extensive break down of the rules and regulations required to get a job as a security guard in your geographic area.

Looking for the laws, regulations, requirements, fees and application process of how to be a security guard? Use the table below for information on that particular U.S. State. We have information on both the unarmed and armed requirements so be sure to select the appropriate tab.

Security Guard Laws By State

Unarmed Security Guard laws, requirements and application procedures broken down by individual U.S. State. Click on any of the State names to find out more information about what it takes to be an unarmed security officer in that State.

Armed Security Guard requirements, application process, fees and information divided up by each U.S. State. Clicking on any of the State names will provide you with a comprehensive overview of qualifications to become an armed security officer in that State.

Featured Security Guard Training Articles

You might be looking to start your career as a guard in the security industry, or you might have several years of experience and want to improve your job prospects, on-the-job safety or pick-up extra training. We write regularly about all of the difficult situations that we, as security guards working in the field, face every day of our lives.

We write from our own experiences of field operations, and sometimes we have guest authors, other security guards just like you and I, that bring their own viewpoints. We may not always see eye-to-eye on the best approach, but we always give answers based on real-world experience.

Featured "Ask The Guards" Questions

Dan (that's me) and Guy combine their four decades of wisdom and wise cracks to answer the questions that keep you up at night.

We put pen to paper on topics that matter to people working the front-lines as security guards or those people considering a career in the security industry.

All of our answers are based on our experience from our real world careers, check out of extensive list of security industry related questions that we've answered, and if you have a question that we haven't covered, be sure to drop us a line.

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