Are there jobs in this field in Georgia?

There are hundreds of new security guard jobs in Georgia posted daily and security companies, regular companies and private individuals are hiring daily. Our Georgia jobs section has about a half-dozen jobs posted per day. It's quieter on the weekends though.

Many employers do not list their openings to the public so you have to put on your thinking cap and contact many of the companies directly. Use our directory of Georgia security companies to figure out which ones to contact. A couple of quick emails address to the human resources department, or the if it is a small company, the owner/manager, and you'll have an answer. You can also just pick up the phone - it's this 20th Century technology that works amazingly well and gets better results than e-mail. Trust me on this.

When the economy is bad in Georgia, businesses hire more security guards to protect what is valuable. When the economy gets good in Georgia, businesses hire security guards due to the increase in business, public attendance, and an increase in the value or quantity of valuable items.

Let's put it this way, companies with assets to protect are paranoid and that's good for the business we're in, protecting paranoid companies and their valuable assets.

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