Where can I get my fingerprints taken in Connecticut?

The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection also known as CT DESPP handles fingerprinting and you can also get your fingerprints taken at your local police department. They both have reasonable fees that are mandated by the CT government so you will never overpay for a simple service and an essential part of your application.

You need to be aware that there are some private organizations that also offer fingerprinting services that often charge a lot more.

But here's the really important point to note: The CT DESPP -- the government department responsible for licensing and registering security guards -- is exceptionally picky about the fingerprints you submit.

If there is the slightest of smudges on the fingerprint card, if there is even the most minor of mistakes, your submitted fingerprint card will be summarily rejected, along with your entire application.

You will need to do it all over again and pay the fee for another fingerprinting, and the time sunk in to going to get new fingerprints taken.

Why bother?

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