Unarmed Security Guard Requirements For Kansas

Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In Kansas

Here on SecurityGuardTraining.io we want to provide you with all of the information you need to successfully become an Unarmed security guard in the state of Kansas!

Kansas! Tornadoes! Witches! Flying monkeys! Bam!

Yeah… no.

Get those ridiculous images out of your mind right now. Those are all things that are hard to battle—except if you have a strange entourage and a pair of ruby red slippers.

The reality of being a security guard in Kansas is a bit more mundane than that. Lucky for you as they don’t teach you how to deal with monkeys in any of the approved training classes.

You may face danger, but it will hardly be the mystical yellow brick road variety. You're more likely to run into petty thieves, bothersome thugs or the worst kind of danger possible, bored teens causing trouble.

The life of an unarmed security guard is varied, and each day brings new adventure. But unfortunately you cannot get a job as a security guard at the Land of Oz theme park anymore as it closed down in the early eighties.

Although it's technically called the Midwest, Kansas sits in the dead center of the United States. Go ahead, look at a map. You cannot be further from the coast if you tried.

Forget the surfboard, yo! It's a land-locked flatland full of golden wheat and corn, and packed with industries in need of a few good unarmed men. And women.

Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

Training Curriculum

Fees Schedule

There are some things you can expect living in Kansas—winters get chilly, not quite freezing the balls off a brass monkey cold and nowhere near Fargo freezing thankfully.

Summers get hot, but not Death Valley hot. Ain’t that nice?

Cold? Heat? Not the most entertaining weather you'll encounter.

It's the golf ball-sized hail.

And the dust storms.

And the twisters.

And the really big honking tornadoes that throw cars around like an angry child at a Toys R Us store on Christmas shopping week.

“May you live in interesting times” is not a Chinese curse, it’s a regular saying in Kansas.

You want interesting job? Outdoor mall security guard. Trust me.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had to rush to aid people to safety when they are being pelted by hail bigger than your first. Tourists are like “Hail? Oh we get that back home in Florida!”

Yeah… no. “Back home in Florida” you get a little light rain and think it’s a downpour.

Flying cow? Done that.

Flying car? Done that too.

Flying tractor? Okay, I’ve done parts of a flying tractor.

I’ll tell you about the huge section of the stadium roof sometime.

The weather, it makes you feel like a hero at times but stay away from the windows.

Unlike many areas of the nation with skyrocketing rents, Kansas still unbelievably has affordable housing right across the State. You get a whole lot more bang for your buck than in many areas of the country.

Before you cry out, "that's because there's nothing to do besides tip cows or join the cornfield scouring UFO hunters group!” you’ve gotta believe me. Kansas has managed to make itself a whole lot more entertaining these days.

We have actual real sports teams to get excited about, and more leisure activities than you can do in a weekend; fishing, hiking, golfing, hunting and biking. Unfortunately no surfing.

And we’ve finally lost our really narrow ideas about what constitutes “food.” Restaurants now serve up some solid food from all cultures. Except that one Chinese-Korean-Indian-Japanese-Sushi-Thai place downtown. I don’t know what the heck their deal is.

We’ve got a vibrant arts and culture scene that is growing in the bigger cities that my girlfriend assures me is “a fun way to spend the weekend with our friends.” And car racing is prolific. I don’t get my surfing but I do get my car racing with loud exhausts. I like big pipes and I cannot lie.

I’ve yet to be at any of these events and feel like I’m being ripped off on the prices. Kansas still keeps reasonably fair prices unlike how I felt living in California.

I’ve got a mid-level security job, pays well above minimum. An excellent pad I share with my girlfriend and I can cover all the recreational activities I want to hit up on a weekend, and as many museums and art galleries as I can tolerate.

The things I do for a quiet life.


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