Unarmed Security Guard Requirements For Minnesota

Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In Minnesota

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It's late. There's not a soul in sight. You have just settled into your shift in the guard booth, and you hear a noise. You are not sure what it is, but it sounded a lot like a big piece of metal just dropped to the pavement. With sweaty palms you reach for your flashlight. You are convinced it's either Jack the Ripper or a real life version of Stephen King's It without the Tim Curry charm and wit. Your hair stands up as you round every corner in the facility. Your heart beats faster as you shine a beam of light into every darkened corner...until finally you see a pair of beady li'l eyes staring back at you. When you see the black mask and a short stature, you know you are face to face with the state's most prolific criminal...the common raccoon.

In fact, that is what most nights are like when you work as a security guard in Minnesota. The wildlife have quite the penchant for mischief and it is not uncommon for most bumps and noises in the night to be caused by the curious four legged fiend. Minnesota's low crime rates are precisely what the career counselor ordered for security guards who enjoy keeping people and property safe with a minimal amount of stress and worry.    

Violent crime is not common in Minnesota. In fact, crime in general isn't a major problem in the state and the crime rate continues to drop ever lower. In 2015, the rate dropped to levels not seen since The Beatles were gracing the international stage and singing about peace, love, and happiness back in the 60's. It seems most people have adopted the "just let it be" mantra. While you won't see Ward and June Cleaver in every neighborhood or shopping center, Minnesota is one of the safest states in the country. While security guards may have to keep an eye out for the occasional shoplifter or drunken bar denizen, it is not a state where there is much else to fret over.  

Minnesota is a state that values education and they spend plenty of money making sure their students are some of the smartest in the country. Thus, it is not surprising that the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is the largest employer in the state. With college kids on every corner, you can bet that a career in the Twin Cities will be filled with plenty of interesting evenings you will never forget....especially after the annual game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Saint Paul is home to one of 3M's largest facilities. While you might find yourself in some sticky situations if you go wandering around the office at night, the biggest threat the company faces isn't from violent crime, but rather from information theft. Those secret formulas that make post-it notes and scotch tape so popular are trade secrets that the competition would love to get ahold of. Security guards in Saint Paul, Minnesota are responsible for making sure that doesn't happen. 

Other sizeable employers in the state include Target, Pharmacy at Park Nicollet, Mayo Clinic, and the US Federal Government. Each have considerable operations and multiple facilities located throughout the state. These can be great employers to work for as they have strong, stable reputations that can provide career stability for security guards looking to establish themselves and stay with the same employer throughout their career.  

Those wanting to be security guards in the state don't have to be licensed, however, their employers do. This makes it relatively easy to enter the career and hit the ground running without having to fill out mountains of paperwork. Naturally, there are some basic requirements individuals need to meet. You have to be 18, a US citizen or registered resident alien, as well as pass a drug test and background check. It is also helpful to have a driver's license, be in good shape, and have the ability to stand or walk about for long periods of time.   

Naturally, money is an important factor that everyone considers when entering a career. Salaries for security guards range between $19,000 to $22,000 in Minnesota. As with any career, a security guards salary depends on location, training, experience, and employer. Naturally, the more valuable the asset being guarded, the more of a need there will be to protect it. When there is a greater need for top-notch security, salary's tend to climb to match the level of skill and experience required to keep it safe.

Minnesota is an affordable, comfortable place to live with a stable economy and reasonable home prices. The people are friendly and heritage runs deep. Residents of the state are proud of their reputation for being kind, courteous, and speaking with a strange accent. They seem to take great pleasure in making newcomers feel right at home. Don't be surprised if your neighbors invite you over to try some Luetefisk, a little Lefse, or maybe some other dish whose recipe was brought over from Norway and passed down through the generations. Indeed, you will find European culture and hospitality to be the bedrock of communities throughout the state.   

Working conditions can vary greatly throughout the year. Minnesota is a cold and snowy state in the winter, and the summer's are so humid that it can feel as if all 10,000 of the state's lakes have evaporated. This means that you will need to dress appropriately and drink accordingly. In the winter, coffee is as essential to your kit as your flashlight. In the summer, a love of iced tea can make the long afternoons a little bit cooler. Frostbite and sunburns are common, so security guards need to be extra vigilant when getting ready for work. Long Johns are a must in the winter, and sunscreen is imperative in the summer. As long as you pay attention to the weather reports and prepare before your shift, you will always be ready for whatever Mother Nature's mood happens to be that day.  

When you are off duty, you can spend your time fishing, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors. With plenty of places to drop a line in the water, it's not surprising that the state's favorite past time is for grumpy ole' men to sit around spinning yarns about the white whale that got away. Baseball fans will delight in catching the Twins, while football fans get to see plenty of action when the Vikings take the field. On those days when you want to just enjoy a peaceful, relaxing day, you can head over to Itasca State Park or Gooseberry Falls where you can commune with nature and discover just how beautiful she really is.    

Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

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