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Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In New Hampshire

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Standing Like a Stone to Secure Property and Life in the Granite State

It is calm and quiet as you show up to work. At the shift change, you go over the day's details with your colleague. He laughs as he says, "It was silent as a tomb today. A couple of folks stopped to ask directions, a few boxes were delivered, power went out for a bit, and, if you see a set of keys laying about the shop floor, put 'em on Jim's desk because he's been lookin' for 'em." 

With that, you take the reins as you do every night. You settle into the control booth and peer into monitors that never change. At about 2 AM, you decide to take a stroll through the warehouse. The windows are closed, the doors are locked, and, there on the floor by the vending machine you see Jim's keys right where he dropped 'em. 

That is a typical night as a security guard in New Hampshire. It's a quiet state with a crime rate that is far below the national average. The state has just .67 violent crimes per thousand residents. This is nearly 85% less the national average. Throughout the state, property crimes are about 15% less than the national average, and some cities boast rates that are much lower than that. For security guards, it means that things can be mighty quiet and safe which makes working as a security professional a leisurely and pleasant experience.

If you are looking for action, you won't find much of it in New Hampshire. The state has a highly educated population with nearly 1/3 of residents possessing a Bachelors degree, Masters, or PhD; many more are currently in school working towards these same degrees. Aside from college students who have had one too many, crime rates within this demographic are inherently low throughout the state. That's due in part to education level and a neighborly culture that is close and connected. Indeed, people in New Hampshire look out for one another and keep a close eye on one another's homes, businesses, public parks, etc. In fact, as a security guard in New Hampshire, you can bet people will point things out to you and ask you to take a look see if they notice something amiss.        

Unarmed security guards in New Hampshire must be 18 years old, a US resident, and have no felony or misdemeanors on their record for theft, fraud, drugs, or violent crimes. They also have to provide references vouching for good character and submit fingerprints and photos for their file. The state requires security guards to be licensed, and that license must be renewed every two years. Employers also want security guards who have solid communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and are in good  

The largest city in the state is Manchester with 100,000 residents, followed by 85,000 Nashua, 43,000 in Concord, and 33,000 in Derry. These cities are where you will find plenty of employers eager to hire top notch security. Security guards in New Hampshire earn an average of $15 an hour. Skilled guards and those with experience under their belt can earn upwards of $25 an hour. As with any job, the more training and experience you put under your belt, the greater your prospects will be for career advancement. 

On average, the state is more expensive than other places in the country. The cost of living in regard to healthcare, housing, and utilities means you will need to get good at budgeting. You will also want to get into the habit of shopping for bargains and taking advantage of bonuses and benefits programs that your employer may offer. The good news is that transportation costs are on par with the rest of the country which means your drive into work won't break the bank. 

New Hampshire has a wide variety of industries and career paths to pursue. The Portsmouth Naval Yard is one of the biggest in the country, and there are plenty of new ships to guard and watch over. If you prefer a more collegial atmosphere, you will find it at Dartmouth College. And, if you can take your eyes off the Ivy growing on the walls, you might even learn a few new things while you are there. If you enjoy helping and protecting people, you might want to look at Elliot Hospital in Manchester or Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. These are the state's largest hospitals and they are expanding operations throughout the region. 

New Hampshire has a coastal climate, that gets cold in the winter, and rainy in the summer. The state receives a little more rain than the national average, but it gets nearly three times as much snow. In fact, it rains or snows nearly 1/3 of the year which means you will want to make sure that you have a shovel and an umbrella in your car. In the summer, it gets hottest in July when temperatures reach into the low-80's. In the winter, it drops down to teens and below. Factor in the humidity, wind chill, etc., and these temperatures can feel hotter and colder, respectively. If you are a security guard that has to work outside, sunscreen and plenty of water are essential in the summer. In the winter, you will most certainly want to have long johns, wool socks, and thick gloves. And, a thermos full of hot coffee wouldn't hurt, either.

One of the best things about living in New Hampshire is the sheer beauty of the state. There are some spectacular vistas, beautiful forests, and plenty of amazing history to explore. In the winter, you can head to Wildcat Mountain or Attitash to enjoy the skiing. In the summer, you can make your way to see the Old Man of the Mountain, John Paul Jone's House, or for a hike through Flume Gorge or atop Mount Monadnock. Of course, if you like fishing, you are going to love dropping a line just off the coast where the fish are always hungry and happy to grace your dinner table with their presence.


Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

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