Unarmed Security Guard Requirements For North Carolina

Security Guard & Officer Legal Requirements In North Carolina

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Sticking to it as a Security Guard in the Tar Heel State

It is a beautiful summer's day when you find yourself walking the beat around the facility you are guarding. The sun could be high in the sky when you come across a hole in the fence and what looks like shoe prints in the dirt. You follow the tracks and realize they lead right to the back door which is conspicuously pried open. Reaching for your walkie talkie and your flashlight, your peer inside as you call for back-up to arrive...

What happens next will depend on your training and the intruder. In North Carolina, law enforcement take property crimes seriously and it won't be long before Johnny Law arrives in a flash of blue and red lights. As a security guard in North Carolina, it is your job to ascertain the situation, secure the site, and give the police the information they need to apprehend the thief when they arrive. Indeed, security guards in North Carolina take great pride in their professionalism and ability to determine risks and respond appropriately.

Security guards in North Carolina perform a number of tasks ranging from protecting warehouses and storefronts, to making sure people are safe while they shop or undergo medical treatments. Depending on where you work, your job can require protecting both lives and property. This means that security guards need to have sharp senses, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to discern the risk any given situation might present and to then respond accordingly. 

North Carolina requires security guards to be licensed and registered. Security professionals must be 18 years or older and be US citizens or be resident aliens legally allowed to work in the US. Individuals must also be able to show a clean criminal background check that has no convictions or misdemeanors for violent or drug crimes. Additionally, most companies will require security guards to have a driver's license and be in good shape. Finally, security guards with record keeping experience, solid communication skills, First Aid training, self-defense training and a basic knowledge of the law will find their resume rising to the top of the stack.

Violent crime rates in North Carolina are notably lower than the rest of the country. Residents in the state have a 1 in 300 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime each year. However, property crime rates are slightly higher than the national median. Each year, residents stand a 1 in 35 chance of having their car stolen, their home broken into, or their storefront breached. Because of this, many residents are turning to private security firms to help protect their property from taking a hike when they are not around.

The cost of living in North Carolina is quite reasonable. Groceries and healthcare cost a little bit more than surrounding states, however, utilities and transportation expenses are slightly lower which evens these expenses out. Where people will find tremendous savings is in housing prices which are much less than other states. As such, individuals who keep a careful eye on their budget will find that making a life in the state can be a very profitable experience.

Security professionals in North Carolina earn an average of $21,000 a year. The greater the skill of the guard, and the more experience under their belt, the higher this salary goes. Additionally, the salary range can vary greatly depending on the facility and the needs of the employer. The greater these needs are, the higher the salaries go. As with many security guard positions, employers in North Carolina like to promote from within and are glad to move people up the ladder as they acquire skills, experience, and additional training that makes the individual an increasingly valuable asset. 

North Carolina is a diverse state and there are many fabulous employers that you can submit your resume to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the most popular schools in the country and there are plenty of students and facilities that need guarding You will also find plenty of opportunities to work in healthcare as Wake Medical, Wake Forest Baptist Health, and Duke Children's Hospital continue to expand their operations. If you have your sights set on the skies, American Airlines operates a major facility right out of Charlotte. However, if your feet are planted firmly on the ground, you may want to consider a position with Smithfield Farmland as you work to ensure the safety of their facilities and the many agricultural goods they are producing and shipping throughout the country. 

The climate security guards can expect to encounter can vary greatly depending on the season and their location within the state. The coastal areas can be hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. The state has a humid/subtropical climate which means during the summer you can expect temperatures to reach well into the 90's, and in the winter the temperature tends to hover in the 50's. But, it is not uncommon for "cold blasts" to strike the state. Cold weather blowing over the Appalachian's can cause ice storms and temperature drops that are well below freezing, As with many places, if you have a job in the mountains, you can expect a little bit of snowfall in the winter, and you can expect the nights to be brisk and chilly.    

When you are not busy working your beat, you will most certainly want to head outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery the state is renowned for. You can take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, go camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or take a dip in the cool waters along the Outer Banks. You might even find a NASCAR race or two to enjoy during the summer months. Oh, and keep an eye out for the community BBQ's, fairs, and events because communities throughout the state are busy putting together fabulous special events that help keep their neighborhoods strong and tight knit.



Minimum Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
High school diploma, G.E.D or equivalent certificate

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